Top 6 unhealthy foods you should avoid : Unhealthy foods list

Unhealthy foods If you are a foodie, and like to eat outside more, then wait, this news is for you. Many times it is seen that either we are more fond of outside food, or if we are out of the house, then when we feel hungry, we immediately eat all those things which can be very harmful to our body. So, before eating all this, know what is unhealthy foods that we should avoid.

Unhealthy foods

What are Unhealthy foods?

Wherever you go to any corner of India, there are many specialties of street food and different types of food. Most people like to eat Chowmein, Manchurian, Hot Dog, Extra Cheese Sandwich, Pizza, Momos, etc. Some people even eat these food products by making them at home.

For those who consume such food daily or every 1-2 days, consuming such food can cause high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Apart from this, this unhealthy food can cause heart problems, weight gain, kidney problems, acne, stomach-related problems, etc.

According to a 2013 report by The Atlantic, 9 out of 10 Americans consider themselves healthy, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two-thirds of American adults are still overweight or obese. The reason for this is their wrong eating habits. It is the same with Indians because we eat more and do very little physical activity. Due to which physical problems occur.

Unhealthy foods list

Therefore, one should always avoid consuming such foods, which cause so many physical problems and which are not considered good for the body. If you also want to be healthy, then today we are telling you about some such unhealthy foods, which should be avoided.


In India, most people take chips from the market when they feel hungry, eliminate hunger, which causes a lot of harm to health. Experts say that chips are quite unhealthy, so they should not be consumed. Nutrition in these is negligible. At the same time, sodium and fat are found in very high amounts in it, which causes many physical problems. Apart from this, calories are very high in them, which can increase weight by increasing body fat.

The oil in which the chips have been deeply fried may be injurious to health. Now which oil has been used to make them, only the company that makes chips knows.

High sugar foods

There is a lot of sugar in the food items found in the market, which is harmful to health. The nutritional level of some products containing packaged food items is written in the amount of sugar. If you find the level of added sugar added at the level of the product, then do not consume such food. Consume only natural sugar which is found in fruits, jaggery, milk, etc.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to many problems like obesity, type-2 diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, the impaired balance of hormones, so experts recommend eating sugar in very small amounts. Rather some experts recommend using jaggery or honey instead of white sugar.

Processed oil food products

Processed / Processing oils are subjected to various chemical and technological processes and are heated to extremely high temperatures during processing, which oxidizes the oils. Oxidation produces harmful single-cell cells in the body, which attack healthy cells and harm the body. Therefore, the consumption of foods made in processed oil should be avoided.

Experts also advise not to consume foods made in processed oil. Processed oils like soybean, canola, corn, and vegetable oils are generally harmful to health.

Hydrogen fat food products

Hydrogenated fat is found in most packaged foods and fast food products. This is a process in which hydrogen is added to the product, due to which the product solidifies.

It does not have any taste, but it increases the quantity of the food item, due to which the company costs less on this product. According to experts, hydrogenated fat can increase mortality and cause many physical problems. So avoid consuming it.

If you take any food product from the market, then see its level. If Hydrogenated fats are written in any product, then do not consume them. Hydrogenated fats are written on most packets of peanut butter, which does more harm than good.

Refined carbohydrate

Refined carbohydrates are not at all beneficial for the body. That’s why experts always advise not to consume it. A small number of nutrients are found in refined carbohydrates. They increase the number of calories in the body and do not provide any nutrition from them.

Refined carb products are known to promote inflammation in the body. Sugar is very high in them, due to which many problems arise with obesity. So avoid consuming refined carbs. These include white bread, pastries, pizza, white pasta, etc.


There are many different types of sauces available in the market to make different types of dishes tasty. Many types of harmful chemicals are found in these sausages, due to which they do not spoil for a long time in canned packets. Consuming them can be harmful to health, so avoid their consumption as well.

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