Radhe Shyam review: Love Story of Prabhas and Pooja Hegde release on 11/03/2022

Pan-India superstar Prabhas and Pooja Hegde’s Radhe Shyam was billed as an epic love story. Now, this could’ve gone two methods. Either, it can be an ‘epic’ love tale as it is supposed or it can be a catastrophe of epic proportions. Radhe Shyam learned greater toward the latter as the story lacked the emotional moments and, extra importantly, the soul.

Vikramaditya (Prabhas) is a global-famous palmist. In other phrases, he’s the Einstein of palmistry. No, it’s now not an exaggeration, however the actual creation to Prabhas’s individual. In the course of the movie, Vikram claims that he can’t fall in love as he does no longer have a love line. He saw with more than one lady and calls it a ‘flirtation ship’. But, when he meets Prerana (Pooja Hegde), the whole lot changes for him.

Fitness-sensible, Prerana is fighting her battles and he or she involves recognizing Vikramaditya’s prediction in the course of their courtship. Does their love have the power to change their purpose? Will Prerana and Vikram grow to be together?

Radhe Shyam starts offevolved on a promising note. We see a set of scientists meeting Guru Paramahamsa (Satyaraj), who’s a palmist and runs a faculty. The war between science and astrology is hooked up properly there. Paramahamsa’s man or woman is grounded and knows the demanding situations of science and astrology. This unit has a wonderful tone for the rest of the film.


Sadly, Radhe Shyam takes a familiar course with predictable elements. The film falls flat as it has not anything new to provide. We’re proven Vikramaditya’s ‘almost’ nomadic existence, and his flirtation ships with women. When he meets Prerana within the maximum dramatic way, we are not emotionally invested in it. In a love story like this, the emotional quotient needs to be solid for you to feel what the director wants to carry. For a movie like Radhe Shyam, which talks about unconditional love, time, and destiny, having a stale screenplay is a huge sadness.

But, the second half of Radhe Shyam will try to suck you into its world. When Prerana and Vikramaditya’s courtship moves to the next level, the screenplay receives higher. There’s anxiety, a feeling of longing and anticipation. The enjoyment of this big-budget movie gets a tad bit bitter and you’re left looking more.

It’s far from Prabhas and Pooja Hegde’s display all the way. Each of them has delivered strong performances as Vikramaditya and Prerana. However, their chemistry could have been a great deal higher. Blame it on the clich├ęd dialogues and uninteresting courtship scenes. Be it their introduction scene or the tango dance, the scenes are installed with utmost care. However, there’s no soul.

Radhe Shyam has extraordinarily beautiful visuals by way of cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa. So much so that each body is sort of a painting. The rich production design with the help of Ravinder Reddy made the movie a visible extravaganza. Tune with the help of Taman nudges you to sense for Vikram and Prerana and it turns into pressure after a factor of time.

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