India bought Pegasus from Israel in defense deal : NYT reports ( 2022)

Pegasus: Have you heard of this name? yes, you are right This is the same Pegasus (espionage software) for which the opposition in India has been a constant attacker on the Central Government.

The question is, what was the need to write this news today? Was the opposition’s allegation true? What is this pegasus after all? Why is there so much ruckus on this, so let’s know what is the whole news?


What is pegasus software?

Pegasus is a type of surveillance software developed by the Israeli security company NSO Group. Through this software, after hacking the phone of any person, all his activities can be tracked. The person who has to spy on this software has to install this software on his phone. For this, with the help of software, a link or video message is sent to the person concerned on SMS WHATSAPP.

According to cyber experts, there can be other ways to hack someone’s phone with the help of Pegasus software. This is highly advanced software and the company that makes it NSO was formed in 2009 and it manufactures very advanced monitoring tools. Governments of many countries of the world are its customers.

What’s the latest news about Pegasus Spyware

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the spying software Pegasus. Now shocking claims have been made in a new report on this. The report said that the Indian government had bought Pegasus apart from the missile system in 2017 in a huge deal from Israel. The deal was worth $2 billion.

The New York Times has released a report regarding this on Friday. The report also claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had also purchased and tested this spyware.

The report details how spyware has been used globally. It said that Pegasus was sold to Poland, Hungary, and India besides other countries in the Israeli Defense Ministry deal license.

In this, referring to the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel in the year 2017, it has been told that both the countries had agreed on a 2 billion dollar arms and intelligence gear package deal. It also includes Pegasus and missile systems.

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Israel in July 2017, the New York Times said that the visit took place when “India had a policy” of “commitment to Palestine” and “Israel”. Relations with him were cold.”

What is the meaning of the pegasus deal linked to Philistines?

The report said that just a few months after this visit, the then Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a state visit to India and in June 2019, India voted in support of Israel in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations to support the Palestinian Human Rights Organization. could not get observer status, which was the first time for Palestine. linked

Pegasus spyware deal was rejected by both India and Israel

Let us tell you that till now neither the Indian government has admitted that it has bought Pegasus software from Israel nor has the Israeli government admitted that it has sold this spying system to India.

Let us tell you that Pegasus is very dangerous spy software. It has been made by the Israeli company NSO Group. According to the company’s website, it is sold only to governments. Its cost is billions of rupees.

IT Minister gave a reply in Parliament regarding pegasus

Let us inform you that the Union IT Minister has categorically rejected the report of espionage from Pegasus. Replying to a question in the Lok Sabha on July 18, he had said that when it comes to surveillance, India has established protocols that are strong and have “withstanding the test of time”. On Monday, he categorically rejected the reports about the spying of Indians through Pegasus software.

He said on 18 July 2021, “I want to highlight that even NSO (manufacturer of spyware) has said that the list of countries that use Pegasus is wrong. Many countries on the list are not even our customers. NSO also said that most of its clients are from Western countries. It is clear that NSO has also categorically rejected the claims in the report.”

There are many petitions in the Supreme Court regarding pegasus

Let us tell you that the political parties of India have accused the government of spying through Pegasus. Several petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court in this matter. After this, on October 27, the Supreme Court-appointed an independent committee headed by retired Justice RV Raveendran along with two experts, which is probing the matter.


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