kidney failure : Could this also be the reason for kidney failure? quick attention

Kidney failure – In today’s time, increased weight has become the most common problem, due to which many problems start coming into the body. Some of these problems are also such, which can lead to death. According to recent research, obesity can increase the risk of kidney disease. Now in this article, you will know about which methods to adopt to lose weight.

kidney failure

Obesity is the main cause of kidney failure

Obesity is a condition in which an abnormally high amount of fat accumulates in a person’s body, which has a bad effect on health. Obesity is usually the result of a disturbed balance between calories burned and calories consumed. Consuming high-calorie food without physical activity is the main reason for obesity. Weight gain causes many problems in the body. For example, there are many problems like heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

According to health experts, people with a BMI of 25-29.9 are overweight and those with a BMI of 30 and above are classified as obese. There has been a recent study, in which it has come to the fore that Metope may increase the risk of kidney diseases. This includes kidney फेलियर

Chronic kidney disease, which is seen in more than 10 percent of adults worldwide, is said to be a global problem soon. This research has been done by Manchester University, whose conclusion shows that obesity hurts kidney health.

Link found between obesity and kidney failure

According to researchers from Manchester University, the UK, samples of 467 kidney cells were taken in this research. Findings obtained from these samples suggested that people who are obese may have kidney-related problems or may be at increased risk of kidney problems

University Professor and Investigator Principal Professor Maciej Tomaszewski said, “We analyzed samples of human kidney cells and found a relationship between body mass index/waist circumference”. . We found that there is a biological link between obesity and kidney health.

Dr. Isling McMahon, Executive Director, Kidney Research UK, said, “This research from the University of Manchester shows that increasing body mass or obesity is the main cause of kidney problems.

Kidney failure can be prevented by losing weight

The team used data from about 3 lakh people and came to this conclusion based on two common methods of measuring obesity, such as BMI and waist size. Giving information after this, he said that in the earlier research, they were unable to explain the relationship between obesity and kidney problems properly. But in this research, the relationship between kidney and obesity has been well explained through a technique called Mendelian Randomization. They found that genetically increased BMI and waist size were associated with increased kidney function.

Dr. Xiaoguang Xu (Dr. Xiaoguang Xu) said obesity and kidney disease are the most common disorders worldwide. Our research suggests that weight loss will be needed to prevent deterioration in kidney health and reduce the risk of kidney disease. We hope that our research will help fuel the development of further health policies to encourage people to lose weight to improve kidney health.

ways to lose weight

To lose weight, it is very important to do any physical activity. Try to walk at least 5 to 6 thousand steps a day. You can go to the gym to exercise there, or you can also exercise at home.

To lose weight, you have to eat less than your maintenance calories, which helps in reducing weight. Along with this, stop consuming junk food, oily food, fast food. Include green vegetables, grains, dry fruits, fruits, etc. in the diet,

Apart from this, get enough sleep and be happy, do not take stress at all. Taking stress increases the cortisol hormone in the body, which increases appetite and makes you eat more. Due to this the chances of gaining weight increase. So avoid doing this.

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