Houthi attack UAE : There were also two Indians among the dead (UAE News 2022)

Houthi attack UAEUAE is counted among the most beautiful countries of the world, here every people come to visit

Here the world keeps an eye on every small and big news, the world’s tallest building is also in UAE. If there is a terrorist attack of any kind here, what will be the impact on the economic system on the security of this country? Because recently an organization named Houthi has attacked here. That’s why it is in the headlines all over the world, let’s know what is the whole matter.

houthi attack uae

Houthi attack UAE ( UAE News 2022 )

The proxy war has intensified after the recent attack by Houthi rebels in the UAE. The Houthis captured a United Arab Emirates ship in the Red Sea at the beginning of the year, which was carrying several Indians. Drone attacks were also carried out in many cities of Saudi Arabia. On January 17, a drone attack was carried out on the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, in which two Indians were killed. In such a situation, it is no longer safe for Indians living in UAE to work there.

UAE has established itself as a secure business destination after years of effort. The UAE has become one of the major centers of international commerce and employs millions of migrant laborers. Investors are investing billions of dollars in the UAE. Dubai Airport of UAE is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Why are Houthi and Arab countries fighting?

In the 1980s, the Houthis, who believe in Shia Islam in Yemen, formed their organization. These rebels were opposed to the promotion of the Salafi ideology of Sunni Islam in northern Yemen. When Yemen was ruled by Sunni Islamist leader Abdullah Saleh, there were reports that the government was committing atrocities against Shias.

The Houthi formed an army to oppose this and fought 6 times with Saleh’s army between 2004-2010. In 2014, Houthi rebels ousted Abed Rabbi Mansour Hadi and captured the capital, Sanaa.

Here, the government of the United Arab Emirates was a supporter of the government of Yemen. Together with Saudi Arabia, he deployed his troops in Yemen. Both allied with the help of America and Britain which conducts attacks against the Houthis.

The UAE withdrew its troops from Yemen in 2019 but continues to extend its support to the government there. Houthi rebels want the UAE to stop supporting armed groups supporting Yemen’s internationally recognized government.

Houthi rebels attack UAE

In January 2022, the Houthis fired two ballistic missiles targeting the United Arab Emirates. However, before any damage, these missiles were shot down in the air. The UAE may have prevented another loss, but the Houthis have succeeded to some extent in tarnishing the image of the UAE.

Stability is essential for the UAE’s good business image, but the Houthi attacks are damaging it. The UAE does not want its image to be built as a country where there are constant attacks. This is likely to cause huge losses to tourism and foreign investment.

UAE has also spent a lot on its Dubai Expo 2020. This expo is currently going on and through this, the UAE is trying to compensate for the damage caused by the Kovid epidemic. But the recent attacks by the Houthis will cause great damage to the economy of the UAE.

The capital Dubai is dominated by Indians and given the increasing attacks, their security is a big responsibility of the UAE government.

Indians make up 40% of the total population of the UAE

80% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is foreign. This population lives and works in this country. According to the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the number of Indians living in the UAE is around 3.5 million, which is about 40% of the total population of the emirate.

This does not include the millions of people who visit Dubai every year. It was told by Dubai’s International Airport that despite the Kovid-19 travel restrictions, two million Indian passengers reached Dubai in the first half of 2021. But given the recent attacks, UAE no longer seems to be a safe place for Indians.

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